Loupiotte Kitchen has a 18% service charge for equitable consistent wages to all the team. If you would like this charge to be removed, please let us know and we will do so immediately.



Morning Happiness selection of pastries…7

French toast brioche, «pain perdu», strawberry, basil, lemon zest, Chantilly…11

Market fruit…9

Scramble eggs w/ parmesan, Provencal tomato, served with pesto bread…9

Creamy polenta fried egg, market mushroom, parmesan…9.50

Crêpes onions, mushroom, cheese, sunny side egg, salad...11.50



LUNCH   -   $11.50

Starting    11am 

Quiche caramelized onions, zucchini, cheddar

served with gratin dauphinois

Quiche salmon, spinach, goat cheese

served with gratin dauphinois

Tuna Sandwich hard egg, cucumber, radish

Tartine burrata and mascarpone, strawberry, tomato, peas, arugula pesto


Market Veggies…8 

 Fregola Sarda risotto, grilled octopus, roasted tomatoes, pesto, pine nuts, parmesan…15.50



SWEET TIME  -   $9.00


Café Gourmand espresso served with a selection of desserts

Éclair au chocolat from rue d’armaillé, almonds, Chantilly

Crêpes chocolat, Chantilly, salted caramel, almonds



All Day by Nathan Rouvrais

3 Madeleines…3,5                 Cookies…3,5

Cake of the day…5


Menu by Romain Guenand

Crêpes by Nikita Guenand 

Viennoiseries and brioche by Jennah Robinson

Bread by Bub and Grandma’s

9am - 2.30pm 
Loupiotte Kitchen 
1726 N Vermont Ave.
 Los Angeles, CA 90027 
Tel.: (323) 445 2738
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