1726 N Vermont Av.

Los Feliz, CA 90027


Breakfast & Lunch & Dinner






Tél : 323 445 2738   |   E-mail : loupiottekitchen@gmail.com



Pickup Only, we unfortunately haven’t find a safe way to make delivery possible yet. 


Please understand that no one other than employees can entered the restaurant. 


For curbside, please call us when you are here or about to be here and we will come directly to you, just open your door so we can put your order in it and keep it a 100% contact free. 


If you are waiting in front of the restaurant, try as mush as you can to respect a safe distance of 6 feet with other customers. We will place your order on the table, call your name and you will just have to come and get it. 


If we all keep it safe It will all be safe 


Thank you so much for everything

9am - 2.30pm 
Loupiotte Kitchen 
1726 N Vermont Ave.
 Los Angeles, CA 90027 
Tel.: (323) 445 2738
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